Telling Stories With Their Voice

The most powerful way to attract new customers and clients is through the use of brand storytelling. Every brand has their own unique story to tell. It’s up to marketers to understand how to find the story and determine the best approach to share the story across multiple platforms in both digital and traditional environments. Once the story reaches the intended audience, they will naturally connect with it and will want to learn more about the brand to experience the same feelings shared by the storyteller. This new form of communication is what marketers describe as brand storytelling.

This is something we at MassMedia do every day. Our creative experts find innovative approaches to connect brands with their target audience by sharing authentic stories with them. These stories can be directly related to the brand’s products or services, or these stories can share how a brand affected a community or individual through goodwill.

For an example from our award-winning team, look at our work with HealthCare Partners Nevada, and its “I Am A HealthCare Partner” campaign. The brand is built around the Total Care Model, and we wanted to highlight this unique approach to health care in an authentic, unscripted manner. The campaign was a multi-faceted execution across multiple platforms including interactive advertisements and TV spots that featured actual HealthCare Partners providers and patients sharing their stories. With these personal stories, the brand’s message was clear: HealthCare Partners  Nevada is more than just a medical group. It’s a team that provides people with highly personalized care to help patients experience healthy lives and know that their health is in good hands.

We launched this campaign across multiple outlets, including billboards, magazines, online, TV and in all HealthCare Partners’ clinics. By executing a comprehensive campaign with multiple elements,  HealthCare Partners Nevada’s story was told in an effective manner, connecting the brand with its intended audience.

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