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Bringing McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad To Life In Las Vegas

There are challenges that come with the execution of a highly-anticipated promotion. When McDonald’s released this Super Bowl ad, our team went into action to bring the promotion to life in the Southern Nevada market.

In order to make it happen, members of MassMedia’s team went out to a few McDonald’s stores around Southern Nevada, and filmed people the moment they paid with lovin’. The videos were edited and posted to Vine.

There were no set parameters on how to pay with lovin’, giving people multiple ways to earn free food.

Some people danced:


Some peopled hugged a loved one:

Some people paid random strangers compliments:


Others called loved ones:


While members of our team were out filming these real moments out at the various McDonald’s locations, our vice president of digital services, Sean Corbett, appeared alongside Scott Robertson of Robertson + Partners to discuss the latest ad on local television.

So drop by a McDonald’s before Feb. 14 and you might be lucky enough to win!


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