Why We Do What We Do

By Casey Floyd, Vice President of Integrated Marketing

Culture. It is the environment of our people and their shared drive to move the company forward. It is the DNA of the company evolving through experience. It is the voice and passion our team has for the people, the community, and the businesses we represent. It is why people want to be a part of the company, why they stay, and why they take pride in shared accomplishments. It is our way.

This is a fast-paced, determined-to-succeed type of agency. The hours can be long, eat into weekends, and disrupt personal plans. Our team makes sacrifices. The work can be challenging with little direction at times. We are hungry, we are scrappy, and we may bite off more than we can chew on occasion. But what we are not is afraid. We are not afraid to take a chance. We are not afraid to fail. We are not going to sit quietly in a meeting, in a pitch, or in our work. We push hard. And we’re going to make it work, learn from our mistakes, pivot when we need to, and we’re going to win… for our clients, for the company, and for the people that work together along the way, side-by-side every day. We are MassMedia. We are a family of go-getters.

Sometimes our work is not over-the-top, glitzy creative. Sometimes it is. But our specialties (creative, PR, content, media, digital) work towards getting results. Our strategists collaborate to drive towards achieving that. Sometimes our focus is growth for the client. Sometimes it’s brand recognition. Sometimes it’s as simple as just having a presence. From there, we set the goals and expectations and work tirelessly to exceed them… as a team. And when we do, we pause, we reflect, and we celebrate.

We may not know where all this hard work is headed. We have grown and we have shrunk over the years. We pay little attention to the competition. We pay little attention to awards, although we’ve had our share. Sometimes trying to keep up and stand out is what drives a company. But with us, it is as simple as getting better, working smarter, working harder and getting results. And NEVER giving up. That is what drives us. If we keep pushing, remain diligent, and keep our focus TOGETHER, we’re going to have a lot to celebrate.

This is the MassMedia way.

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