Invest in Video Content Marketing to Promote Your Law Firm

By Paula Yakubik, Managing Partner

The first step in the buyer journey is awareness. When developing new ways to market your law firm and attorneys, consider video as a powerful way to generate awareness and reach potential clients. All prospective customers have a problem they need to solve. As they research law firms that specialize in their issue, your firm can deploy several types of videos to clarify your value proposition and introduce your brand and your attorneys as a trusted partner.

It has been widely published that consumers spend more than twice as much time on websites that contain video as compared to sites without video. In addition, compared to other forms of content, video produces a much higher engagement rate. According to the Content Marketing Institute, audiences are roughly 10 times more likely to engage with and share video content than any other content type.

Client acquisition is very competitive in Nevada. Firms are striving for ways to differentiate themselves, build an emotional connection and grab attention while deploying an authentic message. Here are three easy steps for utilizing video content to help your firm stand out:

1. Develop an editorial calendar of topics and issues your videos need to address. If you are struggling with topics, ask your attorneys for a list of the top questions they get from clients. You can also easily turn any written article or blog into a short video highlighting the key points.

2. Decide if you will outsource the video or produce in-house. If you proceed with the in-house route, make sure you purchase video gear that will produce clean, professional, high-quality videos. Your content is a reflection of your brand, so it should be polished and authentic to instill confidence in your visitors.

3. Deploy your videos across multiple marketing channels. For best results, publish your content on your firm’s website, social media channels (especially LinkedIn and Facebook), YouTube account, and on your blog (if your firm has one).

After deployment, be sure to monitor its performance across all channels. YouTube and social media channels all provide metrics on video engagement (partial/complete views, etc.), and you can review your website’s analytics to determine how many people are visiting the pages where your videos are hosted. Watch for comments on social media as well – you may be able to interact with potential clients, or even gain ideas for future videos!

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