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5 TikTok Brands That Nailed It This Holiday Season

By: Social Media Department

In today’s world, brands must be on top of trends and capitalize on them faster than ever before. On TikTok especially; a classic “Happy Holidays!” will no longer be enough for brands to survive the social media algorithms. TikTok’s fast-paced nature and “viral-ability” is forcing brands and their marketing teams to be much more creative than in past holiday seasons.

Here are five TikTok videos from well-known brands that we think have nailed it this holiday season. What do you think of these campaigns?

1. Homegoods Seasonal Décor Campaign

Homegoods capitalized on a trending audio at the time from The Notebook and beautifully adapted it to fit their current season and brand. It is quite arguably – perfect. This is an amazing example of a creative team jumping on a trend quickly and making it applicable to their brand and customers.

2. William Sonoma Thanksgiving Leftovers

This campaign promotes items for shoppers to purchase as well as provides value for its audience. Everyone struggles with how to utilize their Thanksgiving leftovers; Williams Sonoma offers a new and creative way to gobble up your leftover turkey and cheeseboard items. They also incorporate a bit of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) which performs very well on TikTok’s platform.

3. Anthropologie Candle Campaign

This TikTok was posted on the morning of Anthropologie’s candle promotion where all proceeds were being donated to a charity. The brand tied in another new and trendy app, called BeReal, and artfully used a play-on-words to promote candle sales. They used a popular audio and kept it short and sweet. This video was a creative and different way to send their audience to their website or stores to purchase candles.

4. Starbucks Holiday Campaign

Every self-proclaimed “Starbies” lover counts down until they can get their hands on Starbucks’ holiday cups and beverages. This TikTok checks lots of boxes; it highlights the variety of different cup designs, it features five different holiday beverages, it introduces a hashtag campaign to encourage future User Generated Content (UGC), and it utilizes popular “TikTokers” to engage new followers from an already popular fan base.

5. Lululemon Spotify Drop Campaign

Most of our Instagram story feeds were filled with people’s “Spotify Wrapped” results. Lululemon quickly jumped on this trend and made it work for their corporate brand. Their TikTok utilizes a trending audio and hashtags as well as appropriately pokes fun at some of their demographic.

What do you think of these campaigns? Did they nail it or not?

If you’re struggling to deploy TikTok and overall social media strategy – fear not! You have a year to plan your 2023 holiday content. If you’re interested in leveraging social’s astonishing reach and power, contact our digital department today!

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