HealthCare Partners
Project: Rest of Year Role: Campaign Development

HealthCare Partners

HealthCare Partners is one of the largest medical groups in Southern Nevada serving more than 100,000 seniors. HealthCare Partners has experienced significant Medicare Advantage (MA) growth year-over-year with aggressive marketing efforts occurring primarily during the Annual Enrollment Period.

You’re 64 going on 16


One of HealthCare Partners’ insurance payers was making a previously exclusive Medicare Advantage plan open to a competitor’s network, the medical group needed to ensure it would not lose market share. It made the decision to market year-round and maximize the opportunity to grow its Medicare Advantage patient base during the Special Enrollment Period.

Strategy & Approach

Our approach was to first identify the greatest opportunities for growth during the Special Enrollment Period, a period of enrollment for those with chronic conditions on Special Needs Plans, those aging into Medicare eligibility and seniors who recently relocated to the area. We performed extensive research to evaluate the potential patients within each segment, as well as their behaviors. Each audience is in a unique need-state and the creative and messaging needed to resonate.

To maximize our growth potential, we utilized a fully integrated approach and developed strategies geared towards each audience segment: Special Needs Plans – Chronic Conditions, Age-Ins, and Move-Ins. An integrated approach was essential to educate the target audience and inform them of the opportunities to learn more about Medicare Advantage. The digital strategies included paid social, display and search advertising to ensure we had an online presence on the same sites they were visiting. We utilized traditional advertising which included print ads in senior-focused publications and localized community-based newsletters. Interacting with seniors through grassroots events and event sponsorships was also a critical component and tactics included Medicare 101 informationals, birthday parties, senior living community gatherings, and doc talks on various chronic conditions. Direct mail was utilized to drive event attendance and inform the audience of the opportunities around enrolling in Medicare Advantage outside of the Annual Enrollment Period.


  • Traditional Advertising
  • Paid Digital
  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • Grassroots & Community Integration
  • Direct Mail
  • Public Relations
  • In-Clinic Activation
  • Creative Development


Experienced higher-than-usual growth during the Special Enrollment Period. Of total net growth, 53% was achieved through the Special Enrollment Period and 47% from the Annual Enrollment Period.

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