How to Embrace Working From Home During COVID-19

By: Sydney Goldberger

In May of 2019, I moved from Las Vegas to Denver and started working remotely for MassMedia. I had never worked remotely before, and I had a large learning curve and adjustment period. Now that many of us are working from home, I’d like to share my findings and advice to help ease that curve for you.


A major part of the adjustment is understanding the best ways to communicate with your team while away from an office environment. Here are some best uses for communication platforms:

• Email – Use for non-urgent requests and respond within 24 hours
• Chat – Use for non-urgent conversation and respond within hours
• Text – Use for urgent needs and respond within one hour
• Phone – Use for emergencies and respond immediately

And just because you are not physically with your peers, doesn’t mean the collaboration has to stop. Use a video conference to have brainstorms and conversations that require real-time collaboration so you can see your group and get closer to the feeling of being in the office. I also like using video for one-on-ones with my supervisor as it makes the conversations easier and more personable.


One of our core values at MassMedia is “Stop, Collaborate and Listen.” This is my personal favorite value, and I truly enjoy collaborating with my team. But when you’re working remotely, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. As a result, I’ve learned to embrace my autonomy and trust myself and my instincts. It is a great feeling to work independently sometimes while knowing that your supervisor is never more than a message away when you need her.


When you can’t pop up from your desk and ask your co-worker a quick question, it means that you’re forced to take your time to see if you can find a solution on your own. This allows you to slow your reaction time and think through the problem from all angles. Sometimes I’ll even go through the motions of writing out a message or email, and by reading it through a few times I can put together the pieces of an answer. I still like to confirm with my team when needed, but it is much easier to find a solution when you’ve thought through the problem on your own first.


I’m sure every “work from home” article is telling you this, but it cannot be said enough. Don’t stay inside your home all day! Get outside for a walk or a run to lift your spirits and step away from your inbox for a while. You’ll come back to your computer feeling refreshed and ready to work!

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