Case Study


Project: Brand Awareness Role: Media Buying


Henderson International School is a private school serving preschool through 8th grade students, who are encouraged to discover their passions across academics, visual and performing arts, and community service. The school provides each student with an engaging, personalized educational experience.


Henderson International School retained MassMedia to develop its brand positioning and an external campaign targeting parents of prospective students. The school wanted to differentiate its mission, values and approach to learning from the other private schools in the area.

Strategy & Approach:

Henderson International School doesn’t specialize in just one academic area but instead focuses on building critical thinking and learning across many subjects that are complemented by robust extra and co-curricular activities. MassMedia wanted to capture this differentiator in a simple way and bring to life the concept of encouraging every student’s unique passion and approach to learning. By featuring real students and their professional aspirations, the campaign highlighted the personalized learning environment at Henderson International and the amazing possibilities that can be achieved when a student’s passion is fostered.


The campaign KPIs for awareness and engagement exceeded all benchmarks and generated a significant increase in leads for the school and campus tours.