Corey Weekley

Corey Weekley

Creative Director

Corey has been able to bring his branded storytelling, unique design eye, and leadership skills to many different categories of industry, including Entertainment, Healthcare, and Commercial Products.

As MassMedia’s Creative Director, Corey leads the team of designers and writers to bring to life the creative strategies that he and the leadership team create based on data and insight. Corey believes in telling stories that capture people’s inspiration and allowing designers to explore new creative solutions within the strategy to find disruptive ways to communicate the message and drive action.

During the last 20 years of his career, Corey has been involved in Ad Agency ideation and design, Emmy award-winning 3D animation television show at Lucasfilm Animation, Augmented and Virtual Reality experience development, and strategic planning and execution of branded content for both domestic and international clients across all social media platforms. Whatever the media outlet, the measure of success is having creative that drives and inspires people to take action with trackable results. Creative strategies that connect with customers on an emotional level have more impact and stay top of mind for much longer.