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The Art of Rebranding: How We Positioned Pure Liquid for Success

Your logo is lacking life. Your branding feels outdated. And your website needs a complete makeover. When your brand’s design or message falls flat with customers or doesn’t align with your brand’s goals, it may be time for a rebrand.

A strong brand communicates what a company does and how it does it. A strong brand also establishes trust and credibility with customers through consistent creative and messaging. And because a brand evolves over time, many companies, including some of the most successful ones, rebrand. And if done properly, it can drive real value for your company.

Our team at MassMedia just completed a rebrand for a client that we’re really pumped about. We were tasked with implementing a rebranding strategy for our client Pure Liquid Essentials. We completed the first phase of the rebranding process and are eager to take on the next stage. In this blog, we’ll share the process we followed creatively and the science behind a successful rebranding strategy.

Use fond memories to create the future.

Understanding your brand’s mission, values, and story allows us to create a brand strategy that defines who you are and will take you where you want to go. Maria Monteiro, the owner of Pure Liquid, had a fascinating story that we felt should tie into the look and feel of her business. As a child, Maria was fascinated with mermaids — their beauty, their connection to the ocean, and their mystique. Our team took notice of the decorative mermaids around her office, the curiosity that drove her to create natural products and even her alluring energy. She shared stories of her frequent visits to the ocean as a child when she would sit on a rock and look for mermaids.

It was imperative that we include this personal touch into the brand that she spends so much of her time building up. We want Maria to connect with those childhood memories of wonder and happiness every time she sees her brand. These design elements also helped structure her brand’s messaging of having confidence in skin care and feeling good about your body. Our goal was to represent a brand of memory, evolving dreams and passions.

Develop the guard rails for consistency.

One of the most important elements to any successful rebrand is to develop creative guidelines. Brand standards are like the guard rails that maintain a consistent look and feel through all assets. These are the visual cues that customers will recognize as your brand. Everything about a brand’s look, voice, and even feel comes from these standards. Much of Pure Liquid’s brand comes from the beach, the ocean, the sand, and the relaxing feeling you get when you hear waves crashing. The brand’s voice is relaxed, smoothing, even pampering, but confident. When combined, these elements carry the emotion and the love language of the brand.

Build the vibe.

Building a brand and finding how to represent it visually can be challenging. Our team conquers this by developing mood boards that helps us organize our vision and shape the creative direction for our clients. The mood board serves as our main inspiration for the rest of the project and helps us breathe life into the brand’s identity and aesthetic across all platforms. With Pure Liquid, it is as simple as its name: Pure. The beauty and imagery evoke the senses of sight, smell, and touch. The waves crashing, the smell of lavender, the wet sand in your toes. The brand is an escape. Even in the desert, the beach is available.

Establish the heart and soul.

After creating the vibe for Pure Liquid, our next step was to translate those brand standards and color palettes to the website redesign. It is no exaggeration to say that your website and online presence are the heart and soul of your brand. With Pure Liquid’s new website, we hoped to improve its site structure, e-commerce capabilities, and provide a better user experience. Carrying through the brand standards with the imagery allows for a flow and a consistency that helps with brand recognition.

Reintroduce yourself.

We were eager to reintroduce Pure Liquid with social content that would not only engage but give followers an exciting and fresh perspective on the brand. Social media has become a critical part of any company’s branding strategy and is a very important platform for getting recognition. By having a social media presence that takes advantage of a visually well-designed brand, your chance of breaking through the noise greatly increases. We, as designers, must think about what makes us stop and take notice. Being visually interesting is the beginning but carrying the brand’s message is the second and most important part of a social media post.

Beauty is a “social” forward trade and has dominated across most platforms. We knew that social would be a large part of the brand evolution and we hope to continue evolving in this medium to give the brand a personality along with its new look.

New you, new day ahead.

This effort is still evolving. The rebrand is just the beginning. Any successful business requires a strategy for growth and marching forward into the future. Pure Liquid has been a pleasure to work with and we are confident that new consumers will fall in love with the brand, its founder, and its purpose as we have. Please take the journey with us.


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