Coming Back to Agency Life

Baby, I’m back! This is the story of a PR professional who has spent the past three years in agencies, had a stint working in-house, and is now back to agency life. With a love for words, a knack for building relationships, and a passion to tell stories and connect people, I’m here to give you some advice on how to make transitioning in your career smooth and successful.

The first thing you need to do is assess yourself. If you are a PR professional, you will want to figure out where you thrive best – in-house or an agency. Working in an agency gives you the day-to-day variety of working with different clients and constantly keeps you on your toes. An in-house role gives you the opportunity to become a brand expert on one company. If you are someone who prefers the work of a single client with a one-track approach, agency life may not be the best fit. Here at MassMedia, you’ll find yourself in a fast-paced, results-driven, collaborative environment among creative experts who make hard work fun. Once you hone your skills and experience and where those will be best utilized, it’s time to decide.

Many people talk about the mountains they climbed to get where they are today, but few provide insight on what they did to move from each of those mountains to the place they wanted to be. Your career transition should feel less like a growing pain and more like a natural progression if you take the right approach.

For all intents and purposes, let’s stick with the example of moving from in-house to an agency. The first thing you will realize is that you’re no longer required to conform to a mold of a square; essentially you have more creative reign and diversity in your work than you get with an in-house role. If you’re more creative, you’ll be happy to welcome that change when you move to agency life. If you enjoy working on a single project for an extended period, you may have some trouble adjusting.

Ready to work fast, think fast, and keep the big picture in mind? At an agency, you need to be ready to write a pitch on a moment’s notice or get a press release out for a client event happening that night. You will need to be able to build relationships with the media and make strategic decisions on PR opportunities for each of your clients. You may have six clients in different industries and you need to be a brand expert on each of them. If this sounds like your ideal work environment, then agency life could be for you.

PR at an agency is about constantly thinking about the next opportunity for your clients, while also being present in your current work. You will always be strategically planning for the future while busy in your day-to-day. Are you a forward-thinker? A go-getter? A jack-of-all-trades? If so, you’re already equipped for a smooth transition to agency life.

Ultimately, your mindset determines your success – especially in a career transition. Working in an agency presents you with daily challenges and how you think strategically will carry you from task-to-task. Focus on your growth and the big picture, and what those little wins really mean at the end of the day. Look around your office and be reminded why you chose PR in the first place. The field of PR is dynamic and ever-changing. If you are ready to step into agency life, make the move confidently, and prepare to achieve results.

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