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Discover How a Strong Marketing Infrastructure Can Drive Leads and Boost Your Bottom Line

By: Account Services Department

For most of us, the process of building is familiar. Many can relate to the feeling of sitting in a sea of small metal pieces, flipping through endless pages of assembly instructions, and working diligently to put together a masterpiece. Tension rises and frustrations mount, often exponentially when you embark on this alone.

At MassMedia, we grab the tools and we take the lead in building marketing masterpieces for our clients. We relish the process of assembling a variety of assets that combine to result in the strategic execution of successful marketing campaigns. That process of assembling assets is what we call building your marketing infrastructure. Just as a sound marketing infrastructure can become a winning formula for attracting leads, converting prospects, and retaining business, a broken marketing infrastructure can lead to wasted ad dollars and a failed campaign.

The Good vs. The Bad

By definition, a marketing infrastructure is the foundation upon which your advertising campaigns are built. The systems and processes that your business puts in place to collect data and convert new leads will fail without a sound marketing infrastructure.

A solid marketing infrastructure effectively guides consumers on their journey through what we refer to as the marketing funnel. Within the funnel, there are countless brand interactions and several thoughts, feelings, actions, and desires that a consumer navigates prior to the purchase of your company’s product or service. When a strategic marketing infrastructure is in place, it allows for a steady stream of engaging communications between your brand and your consumer.

On the contrary, a broken marketing infrastructure lacks a collection of assets and systems to adequately guide prospects through the funnel, often resulting in costly communication gaps, misinterpreted consumer sentiment, and lost business. Launching a marketing campaign without a pre-established marketing infrastructure can be likened to blindly throwing darts at a board and hoping to somehow land a bullseye, which is extremely unlikely.

To maximize our clients’ marketing budgets and deliver on primary campaign objectives, MassMedia engages in comprehensive research at the onset of our infrastructure, or masterpiece-building process. Before the first screw is in place, we compile relevant qualitative and quantitative data to identify a target audience and learn more about them. Within that target audience, we employ laser-like focus on a specific persona that comprises our audience majority and provides the greatest opportunity for return on investment. Once we know your target persona in and out, we start to build and effectively manage your marketing assets.

What makes up my marketing infrastructure? How can I improve it?

Typical assets that combine to create a strong marketing infrastructure include lead capture websites, e-newsletters, blogs, direct mail sequences, social media channels, online video content, advertising creative, and podcasts. In most cases, our clients will approach us with some preliminary groundwork established, but as marketers we relish the opportunity to uncover value in new and exciting areas. With a great depth of knowledge on how your target persona likes to communicate, the way they prefer to consume content, and the channels they spend the most time on, MassMedia’s approach is to build a comprehensive and consistent marketing infrastructure that fits our clients’ industry landscape and applies thoughtful budgetary allocations to mediums that provide the most value.

At MassMedia, we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently innovate and create captivating marketing assets that allow our clients to stand out against their competitors, drive new business, and ultimately generate profit. As Las Vegas’ leading full-service marketing agency, we are very fortunate to have access to the latest automated tools that enable us to seamlessly connect our clients with their audiences, monitor buyer behaviors, and track the audience through the funnel. Our attentiveness to detail paired with our emphasis on real-time reporting also helps us build marketing infrastructures that drive results. Imagine putting a system to work within your business that makes you more visible to your target customer by establishing timely communication sequences that keep you top-of-mind, all leading to trust, preference, and loyalty with your audience. Therein lies the beauty of a great marketing infrastructure!

MassMedia is Here to Help

With a strategic marketing infrastructure in place, your chances of success and scalability increase substantially. Still, a dependable marketing infrastructure is the culmination of diligent work over time. As campaigns progress, data is collected, and results are analyzed, your initial marketing infrastructure will surely be refined. But, the overall productivity hinges on how well your brand is defined and how well you know your audience at the forefront. Building a strong marketing infrastructure can be a daunting task for a business to tackle alone, and that’s why MassMedia is here to help. Our team of experts is excited to get to know you and your business. Get in touch today and let us help you build the marketing infrastructure you need to expand your reach and scale your business.


Source: The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib

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