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Do More Than Just Scratch the Surface with Facebook Advertising

By: Digital Department, MasMedia Marketing, Advertising, PR

If you are currently running ads on Facebook, you are likely doing it because you understand the power of this platform. These days, it’s not even a question of if you should advertise on Facebook, but rather how best to advertise on Facebook, especially right now. Ad inventory is up. Ad costs are down. It’s social media marketing’s perfect storm.

However, we often find that companies are doing the bare minimum and are not effectively leveraging the various ad types, targeting parameters and analytics available to them. We encourage you to explore the wide range of features Facebook advertising offers and really put more time and effort into your campaign planning, because as we so often say here at MassMedia, “input equals output.”

In this article, we provide a breakdown on a few of Facebook’s advanced tools that you may be overlooking as well as tips to maximize your results. Let’s dive in.

Establishing an Objective – Choose Wisely

Right away, Facebook requires that advertisers choose from 11 different objectives that fall in the category of Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. We cannot stress enough the importance of purposefully choosing an objective that will help achieve your overall campaign goals. When you select an objective, you’re telling Facebook what end-results you want to see, or which actions you’d like users to take— so choose wisely.

Selecting an Ad Type Best Suited for Your Objective

Facebook offers several different ad types with each format best suited for specific objectives – whether it is achieving high reach or finding qualified leads. If your objective calls for it, try to go beyond the basic image ad. On average, Facebook videos receive about 135% more traffic and engagement than images, so our digital specialists at MassMedia always try to incorporate videos in our clients’ ads if possible.

Below are a few of the different ad formats:

• Image and Video Ads
• Carousel Ads
• Stories
• Facebook Messenger
• Lead Generation Ads
• Collection Ads

Let’s Talk Targeting

Facebook boasts the largest and most active and diverse user base of any social platform, and the targeting capabilities that go along with it are unmatched. The information provided by users allow advertisers to get as broad or as granular as they need to with targeting.

When building campaigns, MassMedia’s digital specialists work to make the audience as well-defined as possible to ensure they are reaching the right people. Make sure you take the time to apply Facebook’s micro-targeting to reach people who your campaign will resonate with most and are likeliest to take action, allowing for great conversion rates and return on investment. At the end of the day, your budget will thank you.

The following criteria can be used to define a target audience on Facebook:

• Location Targeting
• Demographics
• Behavioral
• Interests
• Custom Audiences

Test, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat

A major marketing mistake we often see businesses make is taking the “set it and forget it” approach after they launch a campaign.

At MassMedia, we continuously monitor the performance of our ads and regularly use creative testing as a way to optimize campaigns. Facebook also offers analytical data that can really help you understand how your campaign is performing. With more than 200 Facebook metrics, there is no shortage of information available about a campaign’s performance. You should be constantly reviewing and tracking these metrics to glean insights and optimize.

We have provided some sound breakdowns and tips, but if you are interested in receiving more recommendations and information on Facebook advertising, you can request our white paper. Click here and complete the form by providing your name and email address. Leave a note in the Comment field requesting the Facebook White Paper.

Running and managing Facebook ad campaigns to their fullest extent requires a substantial amount of expertise, experience, and time that a marketing company can offer to ensure that you are utilizing your budget to its highest and best use. Additionally, social networks have recently slashed ad costs by up to 50%. So, now’s the time to capitalize on it with a partner who has the digital know-how. Grab market share for half the cost with MassMedia, Las Vegas’ digital marketing innovators. The experts at MassMedia can help you reach more people and drive more qualified leads to achieve a better ROI and maximize your budget.

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