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Launching a Time for Change with McDonald’s

McDonald's Blog - Shayna             On October 6, 2015, McDonald’s launched an initiative that has been called one of the biggest changes to happen within the company – All Day Breakfast took the nation by storm. As part of national launch efforts, MassMedia strategized and crafted a special delight for McDonald’s stores in Las Vegas and Phoenix. Las Vegas kicked things off with a huge smash – literally. Local McDonald’s owner-operators hosted a clock-smashing event at 10:31 a.m., one minute after the time that previously marked the end of breakfast at McDonald’s. The event was held at the iconic Viva McDonald’s restaurant located on the Las Vegas Strip. Community members and media joined Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman as she proclaimed October 6, 2015 as McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Day. Not only that, our localized campaign #VivaLasBreakfast was a #VivaLasHit on Twitter. With objectives to spread the message with our already matured Twitter audience, we gave over 100 free breakfast vouchers to our online community – encouraging them to share, engage and share the message of #AllDayBreakfast and #VivaLasBreakfast. Garnering a 5.37% engagement rate and 5.4% increase in community size, our #AllDayBreakfast content saw a 76.6% increase in engagement over all other content types.* In Phoenix, our approach garnered different results. Social media was king, as MassMedia generated conversation for McDonald’s Phoenix launch of All Day Breakfast. With objectives set to increase the community size of @McD_Phoenix as well as awareness of national #AllDayBreakfast efforts, we leveraged campaign surprise and delights within the Phoenix market to meet our objectives. With over 150 free #AllDayBreakfast vouchers passed out to our followers, as well as free breakfast for a year for 24 lucky Twitter followers, a strategic plan was set in motion to help us reach our goals. Integrating our strategic media relationships in place and a voice that broke through the noise, McDonald’s Phoenix generated more than 125,000 impressions and 95,000 unique mentions through our custom #BreakfastRising hashtag. But what else was rising? #AllDayBreakfast content saw a 4.38% engagement rate, a 28.3% increased engagement rate over all other content types – as well as a staggering increase 48% in community size.* In an effort to generate pre-event, live-event and post-event conversation for All Day Breakfast, MassMedia executed a variety of tactics in both markets. Las Vegas conducted media drops to radio and television outlets, continuing our partnerships while earning on-air mentions. McDonald’s Phoenix and Las Vegas continue to keep the momentum going by surprising new followers with All Day Breakfast item vouchers, as well as followers who express their love for breakfast and the brand. We continue to build a base of brand advocates surrounding this initiative. MassMedia didn’t just generate buzz on social media. Media relations tactics were executed on a local level in Las Vegas. All local television affiliates covered the launch of All Day Breakfast, with many of the reporters confessing their love for All Day Breakfast. It was through creative and strategic efforts that the launch of All Day Breakfast was not only successful with the public and media, but also made a splash so great that McDonald’s corporate took notice and gave special recognition to McDonald’s Las Vegas in its “Good News” letter to all McDonald’s team members and agencies. Enjoy your breakfast – no matter what time it is.               -Shayna Moreno, Assistant Account Executive *All metrics were pulled from Twitter from dates 9/21/15 – 10/31/15 on 11/5/2015.

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