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The Importance of Messaging and Creative for Your Digital Campaigns

When it comes to digital marketing, there are many ways to advertise with various unique and engaging ad units. But there are also many competing ads, so it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

It’s not enough to just find your target audience and serve ads to them. You need to make sure you have creative that resonates with your prospects enough to make them aware of your brand and company, and most importantly, take action.

Sometimes brands and marketers focus so heavily on ensuring they reach their target audience segment that they forget they are not just advertising to an audience segment; they are advertising to a person. As a result, not as much attention is given to the ad’s creative. However, there is a direct correlation between the level of engagement an ad sees and the likelihood someone is to purchase. The bottom line: while finding the right person at the right time in the most efficient way is key, if the ad creative is not good, it was all for nothing.

Take Advantage of New & Innovative Ad Formats

Creativity doesn’t just involve copy and design but should also involve thinking outside of the box in terms of the ad’s format. Oftentimes, marketers prefer focusing on commonly used methods of communication because it’s what they know and understand, but this can be their biggest downfall.

In today’s digital ecosystem, with so many ways to target and communicate, so many ad formats, and so many devices, innovation is key. Think about new ways to develop unique and engaging ads that will allow your company to stand out in a sea of ads. How can your ad be a big fish in a small pond?

Many platforms are offering new, innovative ways for brands to market. For example, Facebook has rolled out several new formats designed to encourage engagement and guide users further down the purchasing path. These formats include playable ads, in which users can demo an app or game within the ad unit, and messenger ads that allow for two-way communication between marketers and prospects.

Display banner ads offer a ton of new ways to capture attention using rich, immersive media. A few examples include 3D models that users can interact with via touch, and parallax ads, which leverages a layered, animation effect to capture attention in an interesting manner that create your own layered scene that comes into view on a scroll.

Tips for Strong Ad Copy

1. Make your headline meaningful. You only have a few seconds to make an impression. Ways to do this include:

– Focusing on keywords in the consumer’s search query to draw attention.
– Addressing a user’s pain points by providing a solution to a problem.
– Appealing to the prospect’s curiosity by posing a question that makes the prospect want to learn more.
– Adding a comical element. Funny ads draw higher levels of engagement. And more engagement means more propensity for conversion.

2. Remember a call-to-action. Always. Never assume the user knows what you want them to do. Instead, help draw the connection with what the next step is.

3. Include emotional triggers. When prospects read your ad, they should experience a strong emotional reaction to it, which will encourage them to click. A few examples:

– A law firm alarming prospects with potential legal actions that can be taken against them.
– A weight loss supplement company conveying an aspirational message to motivate prospects.

4. Overall, most digital ads require a short and sweet message that hooks the user, makes them problem-aware, and encourages them to act.

Monitor What is Working and What is Not

Luckily for brands and marketers, there is so much data that can help make informed decisions on what is working and what is not. It’s always valuable to serve multiple creative ads and formats to see what resonates most with your audience and glean valuable insights that you can take back and use to adjust your creative. All platforms will be able to show basic metrics to help you understand which ads are performing more optimally, encouraging users to spend more time on your website or take action.


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