5 Tips for Creating TikTok Ads


During the pandemic, at the height of TikTok’s growth, brands were unsure how TikTok fit in with their advertising efforts. While it was known that TikTok’s powerful algorithm offered extreme reach, even against handles that did not have a large following (a selling point for brands entering the space), the unique creative required, the time it would take to produce a high volume of short-form video content, and uncertainties on data mining, made brands unsure where TikTok fell in priority. Did it make sense to spend time and effort building within a space that may or may not pay off?

Fast-forward to today, in which TikTok has solidified its place within the social spectrum, rivaling big name players such as Facebook and Instagram, and surpassing the likes of others (Twitter and Snapchat). It’s unique, creator-focused video editing tools have paved the way for other social platforms to create their own variations of TikTok (meet YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, etc.).

TikTok currently boasts 1.1B+ monthly active users across 150 countries and an average of 52 minutes spent per day within the platform. Compare this to top front-runners such as Facebook (2.9B monthly active users, 2 hours and 24 min on average spent per day within the app) and Instagram (1B+ monthly active users, 28 min on average spent per day within the app).*

With this in mind, TikTok’s ad platform has grown considerably, as well. Albeit the self-service ad platform is still pretty simplistic, it offers precise audience targeting (age, gender, location, language, interest categories, etc.) and has an effective reach and engagement across the platform. When utilizing this ad platform, here are 5 key points of consideration to maximize the ad platform’s value and end with an effective campaign.

1. Show TikTokers an ad without showing them an ad: TikTok has done an exceptional job at disguising ads. As users engage with the app, the first 5 seconds of a TikTok ad hides the CTA link, the clear indicator for an ad. And the “sponsored” logo is greyed-out throughout the entirely of the ad. This offers advertisers the ability to connect with their prospects without them initially realizing they are viewing an ad. With this in mind, the first 5 seconds are instrumental in hooking the user. This can be done with a compelling narrative, a current TikTok trend, or a trending sound. Also, keep in mind the hook may not just be audio, it can be visual, as well.

2. Focus on vertical formats and tailor your creative strategy. This may seem obvious but in browsing the platform, you’ll realize quickly that some brands simply take the video ads built for other channels and utilize them here. Your creative strategy for TikTok should differ from other platforms, because TikTok’s short-form video content offers a unique set of editing tools. This offers brands the ability to get creative and find new ways to engage with potential prospects – take advantage of it!

3. Make sure to center all important elements. TikTok tends to obscure the outer margins of the frames, particularly the bottom margins where the description text appears. Many times, elements are illegible and missed due to poor placement, and in some cases can appear as a distraction.

4. Don’t forget the captions! Sometimes users may scroll too quickly or click the ad without seeing the video in its entirety. Offering captions is a simple way to help prospects get the general gist of the video, even if they do not watch the entire video. It’s also worth incorporating subtitles, as sometimes it’s helpful to users as they watch TikTok videos.

5. Keep your videos short. While TikTok offers 60-second videos, the reality is users will not watch your ad in its entirety if your video is too long, missing the second half and potentially some valuable pieces of information. The best ads are between 9-15 seconds, and while that may seem exceptionally short, ads this length are proven to show increased brand recall and will compel your brand to only focus on what’s important.

With the immense rise of TikTok, it’s impossible for brands to ignore its presence. While TikTok still skews relatively younger, with 60% of the users on the app under the age of 24, it’s starting to show growth in other age groups. Currently over a quarter of the users on the app are between ages 26-44, and over 20% are over the age of 40+.

At MassMedia, we strive to help our clients stay at the forefront of emerging platforms such as TikTok and others. For support within this platform, both organic and paid placements, contact us today! * Source: www.statista.com


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