Case Study


Project: Alumni Awareness & Donations Role: Public Relations


University of Nevada, Las Vegas was founded in 1957 and has transformed itself from a small branch college into a thriving urban institution.


UNLV wanted to increase engagement and donations from its alumni members. The university retained MassMedia in 2018 to revamp its alumni program and launch an external campaign to target former students.

Strategy & Approach:

MassMedia first conducted an extensive audit of UNLV’s existing program and its materials, and backed by research findings, we developed a new strategy and direction for the alumni association. MassMedia created a new brand identity and logo for the association and developed marketing materials and templates to unveil the brand to existing and prospective alumni members.


The launch of the new alumni program was a huge success. Within the first month of launching the new program UNLV received more than 4,000 downloads to the new Scarlet Loyal along with many new donors. UNLV also approved funding for MassMedia to complete Phase 2 of the project – redefining the giving programs and donation model.