Managed Care Patient Population Soars.

HealthCare Partners Nevada (HCPNV) is one of the largest medical groups in Southern Nevada with approximately 100 primary care locations. HCPNV has a small window of time to attract new senior patients to its practice every year, during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period. HCPNV utilized the our services to differentiate the company from its direct competitor and secure new Medicare Advantage patients.

Our goal

As the agency of record, our goal was to increase awareness of HCPNV, educate seniors on the Medicare Open Enrollment period, and encourage seniors to select an insurance plan that allows them to choose an HCPNV provider.



To be successful, we needed to be laser-focused in its outreach. With such a short window for seniors to select HCPNV, we collected information about the  audience and their thoughts about health care, in addition to industry trends and competitor audits. After analyzing the research, we determined campaign messaging needed to empower patients and confirm they are in control of their personal health and well-being.

To reach seniors and accomplish its objective, we implemented several key tactics:

  • Deploy the grassroots team to integrate HCPNV into established events as well as host events targeting seniors. Earned media was utilized to reach seniors by pitching and securing coverage in various print and broadcast news outlets, targeting seniors with a variety of topics ranging from Open Enrollment, to doctor and patient profiles, to health tips an information.
  • Paid advertising and direct mail was placed in traditional and digital media outlets that appealed to seniors media consumption and health research habits.
  • The HCPNV website ( was created to serve as a hub of information for the enrollment period and provide education to patients regarding HCPNV. The website included videos, event interviews with doctors, an FAQ section, a list of insurance providers accepted by HCPNV and a helpline phone number.

The result

Over 7+ years of partnership, we drove significant increases in revenue, patient count, and overall growth, across all channels. 


total patient population over seven years 


average year-over-year patient growth