Bringing the Raiders to Las Vegas.

Allegiant Stadium, formerly known as the Las Vegas Dome, represents the vision of the late Sheldon Adelson, a visionary casino mogul. His dream was to bring a new 60,000-seat stadium to Las Vegas, a home not only for the NFL’s Raiders franchise but also for UNLV’s football team.

Our goal

The primary objective was to create a compelling brand identity for this ambitious project and garner public support. This support was pivotal in demonstrating to the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee (SNTIC) and other influential figures that Las Vegas was indeed a viable market for an NFL team.


Time was of the essence, and our team needed to move swiftly. The campaign launched with the development of a distinctive brand identity for the proposed facility. This brand identity aimed to capture the essence of Allegiant Stadium and its potential impact on Las Vegas.

Once the logo and brand elements were in place, our team created a robust digital presence for the Las Vegas Dome. This encompassed the development of a website, social media channels, and weekly email deployment.

Digital content was updated and shared in real-time across these platforms, quickly establishing them as the primary sources of news and information for the proposed stadium. To further engage target audiences, a series of grassroots and community events were launched. These events targeted local politicians, media, community influencers, Raiders fans, and the public.  

The result

Ultimately, the SNTIC approved the stadium proposal to go before Nevada Governor Sandoval. The rest is history and the Las Vegas Raiders commenced their inaugural season in the “Las Vegas Dome” in fall 2020. 


lift in emails collected 


follower increase on social media


web sessions per day