Reaching Small Business Owners Through CTV.

Meadows Bank, a full-service community bank, has fostered client relationships since its inception in 2008. Founded in Las Vegas, Meadows Bank has since expanded its footprint, with branches in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno and Pahrump, Nevada, as well as Phoenix.

Our goal

When Meadows Bank approached us, their mission was clear: to raise brand awareness among small business owners in their branches’ specific markets. They aimed to saturate each market, ensuring they remained top-of-mind for current customers while also making potential prospects aware of their value proposition — providing a compelling alternative to competitors’ banking solutions.


To tackle this challenge, we developed a customized campaign focused on Connected TV (CTV). CTV offers the precision targeting capabilities of digital advertising, allowing us to identify small business owners based on psychographic and data-driven insights. At the same time, it provides a full-screen, immersive experience reminiscent of traditional linear television, enhancing brand awareness and recall.

The campaign employed two distinct tactics:

  1. Prospecting Efforts: We introduced Meadows Bank to its target audience, by creating initial connections with small business owners.
  2. Retargeting: We focused on who showed high engagement with our ads or had visited specific pages on the Meadows Bank website.

The result

The prospecting and retargeting efforts reinforced brand messaging and ensured Meadows Bank remained top-of-mind with these high-intent audience groups. Through these results, the bank’s position in the market was solidified. 


impressions, generating reach & frequency


site visits driven from digital efforts


market saturation against target audience