Revving Up Registrations and Attendance for AIMExpo.

For over a century, the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) has served as the voice of the motorcycle industry, advocating for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and retailers. In its mission to continuously support and advance the industry, MIC hosts AIMExpo, North America’s largest motorcycle and powersports tradeshow.

Our goal

MIC had an ambitious goal for AIMExpo: to significantly boost registrations and elevate attendance rates. This challenge was amplified by ever-changing conditions in recent years, including post-COVID regulations, shifting venues and an evolving focus from consumers to industry professionals.


We deployed a digital-first, omnichannel strategy. Campaign efforts began with an upper-funnel approach, prioritizing brand building and awareness by focusing on social media channels and programmatic online video. Leveraging advanced data segments successfully pinpointed dealers and decision-makers within the motorcycle/powersports industry.

As the event drew near, this strategy transitioned seamlessly to a heightened focus on lower-funnel, lead-driving initiatives. Remarketing efforts intensified, specifically targeting highly engaged prospects. Consistently presenting ads to these prospects ensured reaching them with a direct and efficient approach, while excluding those who had already registered.

In the days leading up to AIMExpo, our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) efforts elevated, delivering the highest conversion rates.

The result

The paid efforts drove significant registration numbers, making the flagship event a success. 


increase in YoY dealers secured 


increase in YoY attendance rate