Boosting a Leading Bank's Numbers Across Nevada.

One Nevada Credit Union remains one of the largest, locally owned credit unions in Nevada, proudly serving Northern and Southern Nevada with nearly 80,000 members. This member-owned cooperative seeks to assist its members through a variety of loans, banking options, insurance needs and investments.

Our goal

Our goal was to modernize the credit union’s brand and increase the effectiveness of its media strategy and performance. The desired results would include maximizing cost efficiencies by utilizing one agency to execute and manage both traditional and digital media buying. This campaign, primarily targeting Northern and Southern Nevadans ages 18 to 34, also aimed to boost awareness and increase membership for One Nevada Credit Union.


Before hiring our team, One Nevada Credit Union maintained a strong presence among traditional channels with outdoor, television and radio ads, but the credit union now preferred to shift to a fully integrated marketing approach.

With this in mind, our team strategically developed a fully integrated media plan to engage target audience groups associated with each service line, while still aligning with the overarching campaign goal to increase submitted loan applications.

This comprehensive media plan included both traditional and digital channels, with a strong focus on outlets best suited to boost upper and mid-funnel awareness/interest. The plan further incorporated Google Search advertising to cover lower-funnel marketing touchpoints.

The result

All marketing initiatives were diligently tracked, and we adjusted tactics seamlessly as we gleaned valuable insights from this performance data. The campaign generated strong awareness and conversion numbers for the bank.


impressions across Nevada during the first year of the campaign


website conversions of prospects driven to online loan applications