Bringing ‘The Sound’ to Great Heights with Film Distributors.

Writer-director Brendan Devane created “The Sound” as an independently produced supernatural horror film, set in the adrenaline-filled world of big wall rock climbing. The cast includes seasoned actors like Bill Fichtner, who co-starred in films such as “Armageddon,” “Black Hawk Down” and “The Dark Knight.” The film also features several real-life climbing legends who lend their authenticity to the story, such as: Alex Honnold, renowned for his awe-inspiring free solo ascents documented in the Oscar-winning film “Free Solo;” Brette Harrington, whose notable rock climbing was displayed in documentary “The Alpinist;” and Adrian Ballinger, a mountaineer who conquered the Himalayas. Devane retained our agency for unit publicity to help promote the film, its production and key players to would-be distributors.

Our goal

Our goal was to provide Devane with a comprehensive electronic press kit (EPK), including key publicity placements, to assist in selling the film to a distributor. By sharing our EPK with would-be distributors, Devane would be able to increase the likelihood of the film being sold and distributed for the benefit of a nationwide and/or international release.


Our unit publicity team developed a timeline of production milestones to identify key opportunities to collect and develop the necessary creative assets for an EPK. In collaboration with the assistant director of the film, our team scheduled key set visits to ensure proper oversight of the EPK crew (a photographer and videographer) to develop creative assets with the most media appeal. By developing a compelling announcement release of the film, our team was able to secure placement with prominent Hollywood media outlet Deadline. This resulted in a viral ancillary wave of press coverage that was instrumental in officially introducing the film to the entertainment industry and its key players.

The result

Public relations efforts created an official introduction of the film to the entertainment industry and its key players through national press coverage,  including an announcement press release that led to key placement for the film in Deadline.


audience reached


in publicity value