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4 Reasons Why Good PR Takes Time

By: Stephanie Ceccarelli, VP Public Relations

We live in a world obsessed with instant gratification. Fast food. Fast transportation. Quick fixes and expectations to be entertained with a tap of the finger. It shouldn’t be surprising then for a brand or business to presume that overnight success is standard practice in PR. It certainly can be, but here at MassMedia we counsel our clients to think critically when it comes to their long-term marketing strategy. A quick press hit or two – even with big media outlets – won’t necessarily translate to a jump in sales, much less increased overall brand recognition or trust.

Renown billionaire, Warren Buffet says it takes 20 years to build a reputation. Creating true credibility which has a lasting and positive impact on a business, or a personality is a long-term investment to build relationships and build trust. Effective results don’t happen overnight. It takes patience and commitment, for example, to see feature stories in outlets like Forbes or The Wall Street Journal by writers and editors that would now have confidence enough in the brand or personality to maintain a productive relationship that may include additional features or expert sourcing down the line.

Here are four reasons why a long-term approach to PR can help you achieve the meaningful results required to take your business to the next level:

1. Effective PR Requires a Solid Foundation – Far too often companies quit PR too soon. They expect their brand to be taken to new heights with a couple of phone calls when the reality is PR reps should be laying solid groundwork before achieving the desired tangible results. For example, you should make sure that your PR agency has a strategy, including target media, that you’ve approved. Good PR takes time. It takes at least three to six months to see the beginnings of your desired results.

2. Short-Term PR Eliminates Quality Long-Lead Coverage – Many of the top-tier print media outlets that may be on your target list are long lead and therefore plan their issues months in advance. For example, the October issue is being developed in May or June. To give up on PR too quickly means that you may not benefit from the fruits of your agency’s efforts.

3. Project Work Does Not Result in Long-Term Success – Many brands hire a PR agency solely for a specific initiative or announcement. This approach to PR doesn’t necessarily translate to long-term success, as by the time your agency’s team has immersed itself in your business enough to effectively represent you to media, the project is nearly wrapped. Oftentimes, reporters will reach out to PR reps expressing interest in the initial pitch, but a story never happens as the project has ended.

4. PR is About Relationships Which Take Time to Cultivate and Nurture For Your Benefit – Although the agency you’ve hired may have strong existing media relationships, the news cycle is now so cluttered that even your closest media contact will typically require some lead time to find proper placement of your story. Depending on your media targets, some journalists may already have stories slated for several weeks, if not months out. Shorter-lead media may be able to move quicker, but they are still at the mercy of the news cycle and if you find yourself in a particularly hectic news time, you’ll have to wait for a calm moment to see your story placed.

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