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MassMedia Breaks Into Hollywood With the Addition of Feature Film ‘The Shound’ to Client Roster

MassMedia Marketing, Advertising and PR, a digital-first media and public relations agency in Las Vegas, announced its official entry into Hollywood with the addition of feature film production, “The Sound” to its client roster. Production is now officially underway on “The Sound,” an independently produced supernatural horror film with a unique twist, set in the adrenaline-filled world of big wall rock climbing. Written and directed by Brendan Devane, known for his work on “The Canyonlands,” promises to take audiences on a thrilling journey into the treacherous realm of climbing and the chilling forces that lie within.

Drawing from more than 20 years of experience in the Hollywood entertainment industry, MassMedia’s vice president, public relations, Stephanie Ceccarelli and her team are leading the Unit Publicity for the Vegas-based film production, including collecting and developing the publicity assets that will be used to promote the film to distributors.

Boasting an ensemble cast, “The Sound,” seamlessly blends a who’s who of accomplished real-world climbers and seasoned actors. Bill Fichtner, known for his character work in films such as “Armageddon,” “Black Hawk Down,” and “The Dark Knight,” brings his depth and versatility to the project, portraying Conner, a father who is faced with losing his son in the same way he lost his father at a young age. Joining Fichtner are several real-life climbing legends who lend their authenticity to the film: Alex Honnold, renowned for his audacious and awe-inspiring free solo ascents, including the iconic El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, as documented in the 2018 Academy Award-winning film “Free Solo”; Brette Harrington, a notable rock climber known for her daring free solo climbs and big wall ascents, as displayed in “The Alpinist,” a documentary about her relationship with Marc-André Leclerc, an accomplished young alpinist and her eventual boyfriend who tragically died in 2018; and Adrian Ballinger, a British-American mountaineer who has conquered the heights of the Himalayas, summited Mount Everest multiple times, and was featured in an episode of HBO’s “Edge of the Earth,” alongside his wife.

“The opportunity to break into the Hollywood entertainment industry by way of a Vegas-based production like ‘The Sound’ is incredibly exciting,” said Georgann Pizzi, president at MassMedia. “As we move into a new era where we are no longer known for being a single-industry market, and our economy is diversifying more than ever before, we at MassMedia believe it’s important to evolve and grow to fit the needs of businesses coming into our market. Unit Publicity is central to the success of any movie production and we’re proud that director, Brendan Devane trusts us with this critically important role. We look forward to taking on more creative productions and providing the capability from right here in Las Vegas allowing film productions the opportunity to shop local.”

“The Sound” is currently being filmed at stunning locations in Nevada, including the Red Rocks Conservation Area, featuring the magnificent 1,200-foot wall famously known as “The Rainbow Wall,” and the Eastern Sierra, specifically the 2,000-foot wall named “The Incredible Hulk.” Additionally, scenes are being shot in Lee Canyon, situated at the base of Lee Peak (11,289 feet) to the north of Mount Charleston (11,916 feet), providing a striking backdrop. These filming locations are surrounded by a captivating forest of towering ponderosa pine trees within the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

Post-production is slated to take place at Skywalker Sound, renowned for its award-winning, exceptional audio work. With an eye toward festival submissions and sales, Devane produces “The Sound” in collaboration with Sadieland Productions, his dedicated production company committed to delivering quality feature films and captivating entertainment.

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