Fueling Safety Awareness Across the West.

Since its establishment in 1931, Southwest Gas Corporation has remained a trusted provider of natural gas services, with over 2 million customers across Arizona, Nevada and parts of California. The company’s commitment to safety led to the initiation of its crucial Safety campaign, aimed at educating residents about gas leak signs and the importance of dialing 811 before digging — a vital step to ensuring caution around buried utility lines.

Our goal

Southwest Gas partnered with our team to amplify its Safety campaign’s reach and impact. Our primary objective was to disseminate essential safety information to as many people as possible across the company’s service areas, ultimately reducing potentially dangerous incidents.


Prior to our involvement, the Safety campaign solely ran on traditional media channels. Our team embraced a more integrated approach, merging traditional and digital channels.

Our robust print media strategy spanned service territories across California, Nevada and Arizona, ensuring the message reached all targeted community members. Simultaneously, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Programmatic Display, Facebook Advertising and Connected TV.

The result

The result was increased awareness of the safety messaging, a broadened reach, and increased impact through highly targeted digital ads.


increase in campaign impressions


in added value through optimization