Five Things You May Be Missing in Your Business Social Media Strategy

Everyone is a social media expert these days. But brands can’t afford to “wing it” when it comes to social media anymore. Social media for your business may require a different lens, a different approach, and an informed path forward. Here are a few things that we consider each month with our social media strategy for our clients:

1. Content Organization and Priorities

The key ingredient for effective social media marketing is having a set strategy in place and knowing what exactly you’re going to post. These types of content are what we refer to as “content buckets.” Content buckets lay the foundation for your social media strategy and can include categories like (1) thought leadership, (2) company culture, (3) community involvement, (4) internal news, and (5) media coverage. Our social team determines a client’s content buckets and the priority percentage of weight dedicated to these areas based on industry research, business goals and the audience we want to engage. Once we establish the content buckets, we analyze the buckets regularly to determine which types of content is engaging your followers the most and adjusting your social strategy based around that information.

2. Audience Insights

You’re getting engagement on social media, but from who? Employees? Prospects? Locals? Now it’s time to dive deeper and understand your audience. Because here’s the reality… if you don’t serve up what your audience is looking for, your competition will. Your audience should be the driving force behind the types of content you post. Our MassMedia team dissects our client’s audience and works to understand their interests, their dislikes, their passions, and their demographics to better target and build the relationship between the follower and the brand. Is a large percentage of your audience women entrepreneurs? You might want to cater to that audience through business advice, inspiring quotes, or fun behind the scenes content. Remember, people connect with people! You can infuse this strategy into your content by showcasing more of your brand’s personality across social.

3. Competitive Edge

We’re constantly watching the competition for our clients. Be flattered. The strategy on the other side shapes ours. Having an objective and transparent social media expert in your corner to uncover how you stack up against competitors will make a difference. It’s helpful to know why your customers choose you rather than your competitor and vice versa. MassMedia’s approach to helping our clients gain a leg up on competition is through conducting a social media audit. Assessing how your competitors are using social media – and revealing their weaknesses – gives you a distinct advantage. What is your competitor posting? Which posts are attracting the most engagement? What factors differentiate your company? A social media audit will reveal gaps in your social media strategy and areas to concentrate on to attract more customers.

4. Creative Matters

Right now, video is king. It just is. But it needs to be thoughtful and informative. Our team of creatives work together to create powerful brand experiences for our clients that stand out among all the noise. The social landscape is changing which brings new formats, challenges, and ways for people to engage. MassMedia deploys a strategic roadmap for our clients to help them navigate and thrive as social media continues to evolve. Success in social media advertising requires more than a just a beautiful graphic. It requires creative that’s based on an in-depth understanding of what resonates with different audiences and actual performance data. It requires experts with the experience and understanding to navigate an increasingly complex social media environment.

5. Move the Needle

If you’re running a social media strategy on your own and feeling tapped out, it might be time to enlist the help of an expert. Our team offers transparent, objective, and expert advice to ensure your social media strategy is on the right track. We work with our clients and let them know where the engagement is, why it matters and how we move in the right direction. The bottom line is that if you don’t have a careful and well-organized social media strategy, you’re just guessing—and you can’t expect your marketing to be very effective, much less efficient. MassMedia eliminates the guesswork and can help your business create powerful content that moves the needle.

For more information on how MassMedia can develop social strategies for your business, visit:

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